United Nation Youth Federation of Sri Lanka

(Federation for School UN Clubs and UN Youth Clubs)



UNYF membership is solely for Student & Youth Clubs in the Educational sector.

Therefore, UNYF Membership is not offered for Individuals or any informal groups. 


Hon. Shasheendra Rajapaksa, BA (UK)., the young Director-General of UNYF, was elected as Chief Minister by over two-third majority votes in Uva Province in Sri Lanka. We all at UNYF extends our best wishes on his victory and success.....!!

Hon. Daya Perera, (President's Counsel), the Chairman of UNYF, was appointed by His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, the President of Sri Lanka, as Sri Lanka High Commisioner to Canada. Hon. Daya Perera was former Sri Lanka Ambassador to United Nations.

We all at UNYF Congratulate our Chairman with best wishes for the new assignment in Foreign Diplomatic Service.

 Mr. Ivor Fernando,LL.B., the Deputy Chairman of UNYF, was appointed as the Consultant / Advisor  to International Organization for Migration (IOM) Office in Sri Lanka. 

We all at UNYF Congratulate our Deputy Chairman with best wishes on his special assignment.

We all at UNYF welcome our new Director-General, 

Mr. Shasheendra Rajapaksa, BA (UK).

We wish him good luck and offer our unstinting support for him to transform the UNYF into a new era of an Independent  NGYO (Non-Governmental Youth Organization) in a United Sri Lanka ....!!


Mr. Ivor Fernando,LL.B., the Deputy Chairman of UNYF, has been appointed as the Interim Chairman of Migrants Human Rights Foundation (MHRF).

We Congratulate our Deputy Chairman, Mr. U.N. Jinadasa (Advisor,UNYF) and Mr. Vijitha Fernando (Senior Board Advisor) for successfully releasing the finalized and comprehensive Project Report of MHRF to the  International Funding Agencies.


Hon. Shasheendra Rajapaksa, Director-General of UNYF, has requested a restructuring of the Federation in 2009 to expand the membership and project activities in a more systematical, efficient and effective manner with a team of highly qualified, experienced and well focued to plan, monitor and implement projects and programs more beneficial to the Students, Youth and all Communities in this post-war ear.



Hon. Shasheendra Rajapaksa, DG-UNYF, has appointed an internal  team to plan the restructure of the Federation. DG proposed to this team that UNYF should offer 'Blog' sites for the members of the UNYF Student & Youth Networks to request for assistance and advice, share knowledge, establis good friendships, and most importantly 'BE CONNECT' to with remote groups to understand the real development and opportunities in this golden sand of Sri Lanka. 



Hon. Shasheendra Rajapaksa, DG-UNYF, vowed to re-open the UNYF Secretariat in heart of Colombo City as well as its second Regional Office in UVA Province. This will be greater service for the Remote School UN Clubs to apply for UNYF membership not only to receive support but also to be connected with similar Sri Lankan and Global Student Networks.



Hon. Shasheendra Rajapaksa, DG-UNYF, informed that the progress of the Restructuring of UNYF is satisfactory, but need to accelerate more, as inquiries from urban and rural Schools to join the UNYF are in demand.  Therefore these inquiries could be now forward to "unyouth@mail2diplomat.com" email, until UNYF launch the On-line Registration of Student & Youth Networks.



Hon. Shasheendra Rajapaksa, DG-UNYF, will transform the UNYF to an Independent Non-Governmental Youth Organization (NGYO) in Sri Lanka to provide Professional, Technical and Financial support for Nation Building Projects targetting long-term Social, Cultural and Economical benefits to the People of Sri Lanka.


~ Past Projects & Programs ~

  1. To organize Awareness, Quizzes, Art Competitions and School Debates on Principles and Ideals of UN System and UN Specialized Agencies. 
  2. Paving way for the the UN Agencies to sponsor and implement more effective Student and Youth Development activities at School and District level with a long-term plan for its sustainability.
  3. Promote and establish more UN Clubs and extra-curricular activities in education at School and District level.
  4. To establish a Technology & Technical Education Initiative Program (TTEIP) for Target Group in Schools with UN-Government-Private Sector Collaboration. (To develop technical skills and increase confidence levels of those school drop-outs each year)
  5. Free Transport to Students in remote areas
  6. 'English-&-IT' Classes for underprivillege students in remote areas.
  7. General Capacity Building Workshops for School Teachers to teach students in a legal frame work and maintaining Teaching Etiquettes at all times (Sustainability of the Workshop to be decided with regular post-workshop discussion sessions for 3 years).
  8. Leadership and Management Skills Workshop for the Student & Youth Leaders (Managing the administration and communication of a School UN Club.). 
  9. Construction of Auxiliary Buildings for School Education Activities (Science labs, Computer Labs, Libraries, Student and Staff Hostels for remote schools welfare, Auditorium with Drama Stage, Sports Center, Arts and hand-craft Center,etc)

Identifying the homeless Children for 

Education Grants

Helping those who never received any support


Helping the Incapacitated Orphans


Helping the IDPs


Supplying School Books, Uniforms and Shoes


Providing Professional and Technical Assistance on Project & Risk Management, Conflict Resolution in Construction of Infratsructure Facilities


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